NextStop Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Our art is made possible by generous contributions by forward thinking individuals, arts agencies, and businesses who believe–like we do– that gathering together for great live theatre is life-changing.

Not only do our audiences have fun, but theatre enables us to practice empathy and understanding for experiences, cultures, and perspectives that may be vastly different from our own.

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Fundraising Updates for Our Supporters:

  • Microphones

    Why We Suddenly Needed New MicrophonesNextStop, like most every live theatre out there, extensively uses wireless microphones in our productions. Although our […]

  • Awards

     Thanks to you, we had a VERY big Monday last week.In the morning, your support made us able to (officially!) submit our […]

Special Thanks:

We thank our supporters who are making it possible for our theatre to break down walls and build the bonds of community. 


Arts Council of Fairfax County
The Nelson J. & Katherine Friant Post Foundation
The Ruth & Hal Launders Charitable Trust
The Town of Herndon
Virginia Commission for the Arts


Michael Wyckoff & Aida Gatell


Jeff & Linda Boatright
George & Judy Bowns
Richard F. & Linda L. Downer
Melody & Al Fetske
Maribeth Herod & Tom Cowperthwaite
Jessica Hill
Garry & Leanna Hoffmann
Vicki Kile
Goodwyn & Jan Morgan
Harold (Joe) & Carol Pearson
Fira A. Reinhold
Jack & Kathryn Seeley
The Tamarus
Marlene & David Thompson
Bank of America*
Freddie Mac*


Daniel P. Bougere Jr & Matthew C. Thompson
Wes & Alison Clark
Bob & Tracy Dattner
David & Emme Fallen
Lauren & Glen Howard
Brian Jacoby & Betsy Davison
Larry & Barbara King
Laina Lopez
Martin McKee
Jeffrey & Danielle Robbins
Marty, Sandy & Caitlyn Sullivan


Jon Armao
Janice & Jim Biggar
David & Debbie Birtwistle
Laurie Corkey
Gloria DuGan
Victoria & Bob Elsbernd
Bruce Feist
Adam Fine
Ken & Mary Glaser
Leah Gluskoter
Barbara Goldlust
Lindsay Harris
James Harvey & Elizabeth Sherrill
Marsha Hughes-Rease
Bridget & Kevin
The Huse Family
Patricia Hyde
Joseph Inbar
Lane Jones
Dave & Julie Jones
Robert Kessler
Tara Isa Koslov & William Alvarado Rivera
Evelyn Kurhajetz
Lorraine & Gerald Lappan
Marlynn Likens
James Mannion
Lana Marthinsen
Lisa & Dave Merkel
Cari Mollen
Margaret & John Moore
Larry & Yoko Nelson
Norval S. Peabody III
Sherri Powers
Roz Rakoff
Henry M. Renaud
Nancy Reynolds
Sol Rosen
Drs. Stephen & Mary Sapp
Anna Schuster
James & Beverly Seacord
Marion Shaw
Christina Spinney
Carole Steele
Roger Stone & Daphne Holmquist
Bill Vess & Nancy Clatterbuck
Margaret Volpe
Chris & Alice Waagen
Ernie & Diane Wakeham
Bill & Bonnie Whyte
Chuck & Linda Young
Anonymous (6)


Dorothy Altmiller
AJ & Chris Andreas
Susan & Craig Bennett
Carolyn Berrigan
Sandra Bolden
Darryl Branting
Howard Carlin & Sally Lau
Malcolm Carpenter
Christopher Centner
Charlie Chappell
Linda Chase
Tom Conrad & Joan M. Waggoner
Aunt Val
Laurel Dalrymple
Steve Dettmar
Nancy Dotti
Rebecca Dunn
Richard Durkin
Carol Edelstein
George Fields
Claire Fine
James Finley
Michael Fitzpatrick
Bettina Forman
Susan d. Garvey
Sharon & Michael Gottovi
Don & Mary Gregory
Janet & Leigh Griffith
Carolyn Hand
Hardy & Walle Hargreaves
Dawn Harrison
James R. & Jennifer F. Hendrickson
Martha Hill
Alison Drucker & Tom Holzman
Mary Horihan
James W. & Beverly R. Horton
Jon & Cyndy Huddleston
Mariam Hutchinson
Lois & Barry Jacobs
Fern Jarmulnek
Walton Jensen
Sue Keller
Pam Kendrick
Sharon G. Kennedy
Richard Kenney
Ed Kenney
Margrit Kenny
FiveGals, Inc
Michael Kharfen
Ralph Kidder
Karen Krause
Eric Kritzler
Brian Lavoie
Spencer Lepler
Bob & Jane Levey
Gordon Livengood
Elise Loftus
Jennifer Loizeaux
Lynn Lorenz
Amy Louviere
Kate & Terry Lowe
Vivek Malhotra
Elma M. Mankin
Louisa Mattozzi
Melanie & David Miles
Lita B.H. & Jason P. Miller
Penny Montague
Devon Newman
Marylee Nicholas
Mary O’Quinn
Lynda Ose
Susan Ose
Reiko Pathak
Debora Pitkin
Doug Poms
Michael Proffitt
Beth Pyne
Katie & Paul Richter
Carolyn Rieth
Christopher Riherd
Ann K. & Ross A. Rimicci
Henry Schonzeit
Anonymous (2)
Judy & David Sollenberger
Deborah Spitzer
Nora St. Arnold
Gail Stansberry
Richard Stawarz
Susan Stockwell
Molly Tew
Kevin Townsend
Maurean Truncale
Raynor Van der Merwe
Kathy Harte Wallman
Nina Weissberg
Barbara Williams
Patricia Woofter
Nora Sheila Zadd
Laszlo Zeke

* – Courtesy of an Employer Matching Donation. We urge you to ask your employer for a matching donation for your contribution. Additionally, please let us know if you have decided to include NextStop in your estate planning so we may extend our gratitude.

This list of donors is current as of May 10, 2017. Donors are recognized above for their cumulative donations within the preceding 390 days. To inform us of errors or omissions, please contact or call (703) 481-5930×0


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  • Arts Herndon
  • The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia – The Seeley Fund
  • The Nelson J. & Katherine Friant Post Foundation
  • The Ruth & Hal Launders Charitable Trust

Each year, thousands upon thousands of guests attend our productions.

Our sponsors find recognition in our digital programs, website, and lobby to be valuable places to show their support for a vibrant local arts culture.

For information about becoming a sponsor, please contact a member of our Management Team at (703) 481-5930×0.

2016, 2017/2018 Season Sponsor


European import service in Northern Virginia for Volvo, Saab, BMW, Audi and VW automobiles.

Herndon: 134 Spring St (703) 471-4494


2016/2017 Sponsors

Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce

The largest chamber in Fairfax County


730 Elden St, Herndon, VA 20170


Griffin-Owens Insurance Specialists, LLC



Hampton Inn & Suites, Herndon-Reston

Feel the Hamptonality


435 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA 20170




Full Service Catering, Event Design, Event Planning, Specialty Desserts, Holiday Corporate Events


Great Harvest Bread Company

Herndon: 785 Station St. 703-471-4031

Vienna: 132 Church St. 703-938-0921


Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern

Where Everyone Is Treated Like a Regular


697 Spring St, Herndon, VA 20170

In early 2013, when we first announced our plans to transition to a professional theatre company, a group of our most loyal and dedicated patrons stepped forward with financial contributions (and ticket orders!) without even knowing what shows we were planning or changes to the organization we might make. They made a “Leap of Faith” with us, and we are forever grateful.

Jon & Alexis Armao ★ Suzanne Ben Aida ★ David & Debbie Birtwistle
Sandy Bolden ★ Diane J. Brown ★ Jackie & Steve Brown
Linda J. Chase ★ John Clark & Robin Parker ★ Sandra Clark
Teresa R. Croxton ★ Ruth Finn ★ Paul & Signe Friedrichs
Barbara Funnell ★ Kenneth B. Glaser ★ Hal & Leah Gluskoter
Diane D’Amico & Phil Goetkin ★ Michael & Sharon Gottovi
Janet Griffith ★ Donna Grossman ★ Cynthia Hausdorff
Linda Holloway & Edward Nusbaum ★ William & Patricia Hyde
Eli & Susan Jacks ★ Brian Jacoby & Betsy Davison
Dave & Julie Jones ★ Lane Jones ★ Ken & Pat Karhuse
Sharon G. Kennedy ★ Larry & Barbara King ★ Mary King
Janis Linkov-Johnson & Bruce A. Johnson ★ Kate & Terry Lowe
Esther Marton ★ Thomas Matula ★ Edie McMillan ★ Nancy C. Mohl
Carolyn Olson ★ Robin Poppe ★ RS Sail ★ Tommie L. Reid
Jeanne Rich ★ Stanley Richards ★ Jeffrey & Daniele Robbins
Sol Rosen ★ Priscilla Rowe ★ Jim & Beverly Seacord ★ Jane St. John
Richard Steinmann ★ The Tamarus ★ Joel D. Ticknor
Ron & Marilyn Voigt ★ Ernest & Diane Wakeham ★ Ingrid Weinschel
Allan & Bernice Weissburg ★ Bill & Bonnie Whyte ★ Patricia A. Woofter
Sharron Wubbels ★ Virginia Wydler