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By Adam Gwon

Directed by Jay Brock

Starring Bobby Libby, Sarah Anne Sillers, Carl Williams, and Anna Phillips-Brown



General Admission: $40-$55*

We strongly encourage booking in advance. Ticket prices increase as performances get nearer and fill up.

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About the Show

Uplifting Musical

A heartfelt and funny story about how we search for and make connections in an increasingly chaotic world.

On a regular, ordinary day, uptight graduate student Deb loses her most precious possession–the notes to her graduate thesis–somewhere on the streets of New York City. To her surprise, she strikes up an unexpected friendship with Warren, the optimistic but struggling artist who finds and returns her notes. Meanwhile, Jason and Claire, a couple struggling to understand each other, learn how to share an apartment and move forward with their lives together. With hope and soaring songs, Ordinary Days shows how the smallest acts can sometimes have the most profound effects on your life.  

Ordinary Days is presented through special arrangement with R & H Theatricals:


NextStop’s 2029/2020 season is sponsored by: AutoScandia