Standby Tickets

When a performance is sold out, we start selling “standby” tickets 1 hour before each performance in person, at the theatre box office only.

If someone with seats for the performance doesn’t show up by show time, a Standby Ticket holder takes their place in the theatre.

You must pay for your ticket to be put on the waiting list. If there are not enough cancellations or no-shows at curtain time for you to be seated, we’ll immediately issue a refund of your “Standby” ticket or help you select another available performance of the same show.

There is seating in the lobby as well as beverages and snacks at The Bar Car that you can enjoy while waiting. Each member of your party must be present (or near the lobby) when your name is announced, or your “Standby” ticket will be immediately refunded and the next patron on the list will be announced.


Wait List Frequently Asked Questions

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    How good are my chances of getting in?

    It’s anybody’s guess…but pretty good. We have cleared as many as 16 “Standby” tickets from the list in the past, and as few as 1. But we’ve never had a sold out performance where everyone shows up. It just depends on where you are on the list and how many people don’t show up for the show. We make no guarantees, but in the past three years, we have only been unable to seat a grand total of 6 people.
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    Can I buy a Standby Ticket earlier than 1 hour before the show I'm trying to attend?

    No. At some performances, patrons might line up outside earlier than 1 hour, but will not be permitted to buy “Standby Tickets” until the lobby doors open.
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    Does my infant need a ticket?

    Yes, everyone needs a ticket. Even if a small child will sit on your lap, the Fire Marshall counts them as a person occupying our very limited seating space.
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    Can I buy a Standby Ticket, leave to eat dinner, and come back?

    You can, but we don’t recommend it. If you’re not present when your name clears the Standby List, you forfeit your place in line.  We release tickets to the Standby Line at curtain time AND as arriving patrons tell us members of their party could not join them.
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    Who Can I E-mail or Call With Questions About Your Standby / Cancellation Line?

    If you have questions about our Wait List / Standby Tickets / Cancellations, please e-mail or call (703) 481-5930×0. But…please don’t ask to be added to a wait list by phone, e-mail, or in advance…we simply cannot do it, and it makes our theatre ghosts very sad.