Grab a local craft beer from The Bar Car and enjoy the best in live events at Herndon’s only black box professional theatre.





Timeless Farce
March 14 - April 7. Acclaimed British playwright Noel Coward’s smash hit comedy about the rivalry between two housewives awaiting the arrival of their exotic former lover. Tickets starting at $35. Get tickets

Golden Age Musical
May 23 - June 23. From Artistic Director Evan Hoffmann comes a wildly inventive re-imagining of an American mega-musical as no one has seen it before.. Tickets starting at $40. Get tickets

Last Ham Standing Improv Coemdy

Improv Comedy
June 28. A group of talented performers take suggestions from the audience to create wacky scenes and funny improv games. If you like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, you’ll love Last Ham Standing! Also coming to NextStop on June 28. Tickets $20. Get tickets