A Shot in the Dark

By Sean J. Phillips 


Judgement Call

By Vivian Allvin 

Monday, July 25  – A Shot in the Dark & Judgement Call

New Play Readings– 8pm

A Shot in the Dark takes place in the attic room of a clothing shop in St. Louis during the Civil War. At the start of the play, the audience is informed that a woman was just murdered in the shop on the previous night. A detective arrives to investigate, and while he’s there, a second murder is committed. He then has to try to solve both murders before more people become victims.

Judgement Call is a short metaphysical comedy following the earthly incarnation of a spirit in pursuit of his identity, from his conception to his achievement of an Academy Award. Nine spirit guides anxiously watch his every turn, as he learns, falters and grows, and as they too attempt to advance their own development. It turns out that entities on the spiritual plane are as flawed, hopeful, and funny as their human counterparts’–or, to put it in one character’s words: “Dying doesn’t make you smart!” Judgement Call contains adult language and content that may not be appropriate for all audiences. 

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