Featuring Derek Jasper, Mentalist

Saturday, August 13  – Derek Jasper, Mentalist

Magic– 8pm

Following his Sold Out Appearance at NextStop on July 9th, Derek Jasper returns to Herndon on August 13.

Derek Jasper is a magician, mentalist, and deception expert. After 13 years studying the art of magic, Jasper takes his knowledge of psychology, lie detection, and modern day cons to the stage. He combines feats of mentalism, breath-taking sleight of hand, and strong theatrics to create memorable performances for audiences across the country.

The show is about not only what Derek himself is capable of but also what YOU are capable of. Human potential is the name of the game.

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Tickets available online or OvationTix: 866-811-4111. General Admission starts at $20