Fish in a Barrel

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Matthew Scarborough

Monday, August 8  – Fish in a Barrel

New Musical Reading– 8pm

In the coming-of-age rock musical Fish in a Barrel, twelve perky high school seniors celebrate the lack of school shootings that have taken place at their school and eagerly anticipate one last year of educational bliss. As their lives and studies become increasingly disrupted by the unthinkable, they feverishly grasp at as many straws as possible, learning through repeated trial and error that violence finds a way, regardless of how many unsavory materials are banned, how many prayers are offered, and how many guns are locked and loaded.

Fish in a Barrel contains language, content, and themes that may not be appropriate for all audiences. 

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Cast List:

Hans: Garrett Milich
Greta: Ashley Zielinski
Alexander: Cristophe Jelinski
Anchor 1: Sarah Elizabeth Edwards
Anchor 2: Ahryel Tinker
Anchor 3: Christian Jost
Teacher 1: Christine Laird
Teacher 2: James Maxted
Teacher 3: Josh Wilson
Principal Brown: Matthew Thompson
Student 1: Courtney Washington
Student 2: Alice Yarborough
Student 3: Lisa Young
Student 4: Chris Hrozencik
Student 5: Morgan DeHart
Student 7: Katherine Bisulca
Student 9: Andrew Morin
Student 10: Sonia Bronder
Student 11: Brittany Washington
Student 12: Karina Jimenez


Tickets available online or OvationTix: 866-811-4111. General Admission starts at $20