Guerrilla Theatre Works: At What Cost?

Produced by Convergence Theatre

Friday, July 8 – Guerrilla Theatre Works: At What Cost?

Bilingual Theatre — 8pm — Free Event

Home is a word that appears simple to define, yet the complications surrounding the acquisition of “home” is one that plagues many. While war and conflict have long been a part of human history, the victims of violence have recently taken center stage in political and social arenas. Refugees are fleeing from all parts of the globe, escaping unstable governments and brutal conditionals that have overtaken a place that was once a haven. Here in the U.S., millennials also face housing insecurity. Those who were taught by their elders that hard work ensured success, are forced to face the realities of a disappearing middle class and an economy that offers limited opportunities for the “American Dream.”

Guerrilla Theatre Works is a structure created by Convergence Theatre, using non-traditional forms of theatre to challenge social norms. GTW invites audiences to confront the looming question: What must one sacrifice in order to secure that elusive notion of “home?” Qué sacrificaría? Using verbal text from primary research sources, musical composition, stylized movement and soft design, Guerrilla Theatre Works provoke a visceral response to awaken the social conscience in all of us.

Free Event – Reserve a Ticket Online


Tickets available online or OvationTix: 866-811-4111. General Admission starts at $20