Seussical Interactive Program

Youth Cast

Sophia Bongiovi

Sophia Bongiovi (Who/Fish) is very happy to be a part of the musical Seussical! This is her debut musical performance but she also sings, speaks Japanese fluently, plays the piano and is learning to play the violin. She credits her musical talents to her father but wants to make a special thanks for all the great support her Mom has given her and she looks forward to many more musicals in the future!

Connor Brunson

Connor Brunson (Mr. Mayor) is thrilled to return to NextStop as Mr. Mayor! Connor found his love of theater while living in California. Since moving to Virginia, he appeared in Seussical Jr, Xanadu, Hoodie and Mary Poppins. His favorite theater experience is being Pigpen in NextStop’s first children’s cast in last season’s A Charlie Brown Christmas. Connor wishes to thank Ms. Lambert for all she has taught him and most importantly, for introducing him to his favorite type of performing, improv.

Ben Cherington

Ben Cherington (Cat in the Hat) is ecstatic to be appearing in his first show with NextStop! He is currently a senior at Metropolitan School of the Arts. Some of his favorite roles include Roger in Rent, Jamie in The Last Five Years, Riff in West Side Story, Warner in Legally Blonde, Younger Brother in Ragtime, and Bat Boy in Bat Boy. Ben wishes to express his thanks to Ms. Lambert, as well as his parents for always believing him, often more than he believed in himself

Victoria Cochran

Victoria Cochran (Jungle Creature/Circus Animal) is a Barbazon graduate. This will be her first production, and she is looking forward to being a part of the Seussical cast.

Courtney Cooper

Courtney Cooper (Jungle Creature/Circus Animal) is so excited to be making her debut with NextStop and thrilled to be returning to a cast of Seussical, where she has previously played the Sour Kangaroo. Courtney has also performed with MVCCT in Mary Poppins (Bird Woman) and with Sangster Elementary, most recently as Ursula in The Little Mermaid, Jr.Courtney thanks her family for all their support and Ms. Lambert for believing in her.

Jack Dalrymple

Jack Dalrymple (Wickersham Brother) is excited to be a part of this great cast. Jack has been performing since 5th grade and has been in many productions. He has been in a Broadway cabaret, Peter Pan and Wendy, Aladdin Jr., The Hobbit, Beauty and the Beast Jr., and The Lion King Jr. Coming up soon Jack will be a part of the cast of the one act, A Simple Task. Jack would like to thank his middle school theatre teachers for really getting him into it, and his parents for supporting him and dealing with his busy schedules.

Daniela Dosen

Daniela Dosen (Jungle Creature/Circus Animal) is delighted to be in her first show, Seussical! She is a 6th grader at Holmes Middle School who has performed in school cabaret performances and is currently helping co-direct her middle school play. She would like to thank her parents for driving her to rehearsals and her family and friends for being so supportive. Thank you also to Evie Korovesis for lifting the curtain on the wonderful world of Broadway and all of the magical opportunities it presents.

Madeline Dosen

Madeline Dosen (Who/Fish) is thrilled to be making her stage debut in Seussical! She is a 6th grade student and has performed in school Broadway cabaret performances, and is currently helping co-direct her middle school play. She would like to thank her family for being supportive and allowing her to pursue her acting dreams. She would also like to thank her friends for supporting her. A special thanks goes to Evie Korovesis for introducing her to the theatrical world and guiding her along the way.

Sophia Feldman

Sophia Feldman (Who/Fish) is 11 years old and goes to Lake Anne Elementry School. She’s very excited to be in the cast of Seussical for the first time! She had a lot of fun during the practices and everyone is very nice. Sophia started acting when she was 7 and was in these plays: Rock`n Tale of Snow White, Dogs, Westward Whoa, Dracula (YAT plays); Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and she’s currently in The Little Mermaid (school plays). Sophia also enjoys figure skating.

Emma Harris

Emma Harris (Vlad Vladikoff/Jungle Creature/Circus Animal) is over the moon to be back at NextStop! She has been in NextStop’s Aladdin, Jr .(Razoul), A Charlie Brown Christmas (Four), and Beauty and the Beast, Jr. (Le Fou)! She dances at Rhythm Street and studies voice at Kathy Morgan Singing Studio, is the SCA Historian at DES, loves to read, write, listen to music and cuddle with her cats, Blaze & Pixie! Emma is very thankful to Ms. Lambert, Evan and Jacki for this amazing opportunity! And to her family and friends for always supporting her love of the theatre!

Delia Hartman

Delia Hartman (Jungle Creature/Circus Animal) has loved Dr. Seuss for a very long time. She is thrilled to be a part of Seussical! This is her first production with NextStop Theatre Company, and she loves it! She played a munchkin in The Sterling Playmakers’ production of The Wizard of Oz in 2011. She loves to sing, act, and tap dance. Delia would like to thank her family for helping her with her busy schedule, and making sure that she is the best she can be. Her favorite Dr. Seuss book is “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.”

1449003697_tmp_Miles_Hoffmann.jpg_thumbMiles Hoffmann (Young Kangaroo) is 2 1/2, and is so excited to be back onstage at NextStop “with the kids!” Last year, Miles and his red wagon appeared in A Charlie Brown Christmas as Woodstock. His favorite musical is Peter Pan. He thanks Jen, Evie, and Katie for teaching him how to “Humpf!” 

Maggie Huse

Maggie Huse (Who/Fish) is a third generation NextStop performer. Her grandmother (Gloria DuGan), and her mother and her father (Hilary & Todd Huse) have been working with NextStop (and ESP) for two decades. Maggie is in third grade at Green Hedges School (Vienna) where she has played the Witch in Hansel & Gretel and Clem Cuckoo in Tweet: the Musical.

Claire Johnson

Claire Johnson (Who/Fish) is thrilled to be back on stage at NextStop! She first appeared last holiday season as Sally in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Claire is a 6th grader at Sangster Elementary where she’s been in many fun productions, including The Little Mermaid as Ariel. She also recently performed in MVCCT’s production of Mary Poppins as Miss Lark/Ensemble. As a huge Dr. Seuss fan, she’s very excited to work with this amazing Seussical cast and crew!

Allie Lytle

Allie Lytle (Mayzie LaBird) is thrilled to be a part of such an amazing production, which is her first at NextStop. She recently finished Shrek the Musical (Elf/Teen Fiona) at RCP and Anything Goes (Bonnie) at HHS.  She was also in The Sound of Music (Gretl), Beauty and the Beast, Bye Bye Birdie, Hello, Dolly, Children of Eden at HHS; The Little Mermaid, Jr. (Ariel) at TAT, 13 the Musical (Patrice) at HMS and Wonderful Town at RCP.  She would like to thank her mom for putting up with her hectic schedule and the wonderful cast and crew for making it such an unforgettable experience. 

William McCloughWilliam McClough (Hunter/Who/Fish) is thrilled to be a part of this amazing show! William is 9 years old and attends Clearview Elementary School. William had his acting debut 6 months ago in The Music Man with the Sterling Playmakers, which infected him with the acting bug! He loves every aspect of musical theatre and plans to continue acting every chance he gets. William would like to thank Henry for being his inspiration and his mom for encouraging him to audition and helping him through.

Ruth McCoy Miles

Ruth McCoy Miles (Bird Girl) is excited to return for her second NextStop production. Working with Jen Lambert and the Hoffmann family is a blast! Recent credits include Charlie Brown Christmas (Freida), Shrek (Rumplestiltskin), SLHS Broadway Night (Peter Pan). She appreciates her grandparents’ support, and the guidance of acting coaches Josh Bickford and Lilia Slavova and voice coach Catherine Kyriakakis. She thanks Mom, Dad, and Maddie for showing her that Anything’s Possible.

Erik Peyton

Erik Peyton (Boy/Jojo) is a sixth grader at Metropolitan School of the Arts and is excited to be returning to NextStop Theatre. Most recently he has been in Shrek the Musical (Young Shrek) at RCP. Erik has also been in Charlie Brown Christmas (Shermy) at NextStop, Seussical Jr. (JoJo) at Sangster Elementary School, Willy Wonka (Augustus Gloop) at Vienna Community Theater, and A Christmas Carol (Turkey Boy) at LTA. Erik would like to thank his mom and is grateful for everything Ms. Lambert has taught him.

Ivy Ridenhour

Ivy Ridenhour (Mrs. Mayor) is a sixth grader at Greenbriar East Elementary in Fairfax. She is excited to be performing with NextStop Theatre for the second time. She has also acted in NextStop’s A Charlie Brown Christmas and Alliance Theatre’s productions of Shrek the Musical and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And she has always wanted to live in Whoville.

Alana Riso

Alana Riso (Bird Girl) is thrilled to be making her NextStop Theatre debut in Seussical. She appeared in Annie, Jr. (lead role), Fame, Jr., and twice performed at IRT Theater in NYC. Alana has performed with the Fairfax Choral Society since 2010, including Carnegie Hall, as well as choreographed performances from Annie (lead soloist) and Peter Pan at Schlesinger Concert Hall and elsewhere. Alana won the Superintendent’s Vocal Music Award in 2014. She thanks her parents, brother and sister for their support!

Jalen Robinson

Jalen Robinson (Wickersham Brother) is thrilled to be in the cast of Seussical as a Wickersham Brother! Jalen is quite new to the stage, but knows this is his passion. He has been in Shrek Jr. at Langston Hughes Middle School and Anything Goes at Herndon High School. Jalen would like to thank his Dad for being very supportive of him in theatre, and for helping him to accomplish his dreams.

Kieran Romano

Kieran Romano (Hunter/Who/Fish) is thrilled to be returning to NextStop after making his theatrical debut last year as “Linus” in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Kieran has also been seen as LeFou in Beauty and the Beast, Jr. (LAES), as “Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz” in Adventures of a Comic Book Artist (YAT), as “Young Tommy” in The Who’s Tommy (PWLT), and currently as “Prince Eric” in Little Mermaid, Jr. (LAES). Kieran would like to thank all of his friends and family members for cheering him on all the way.

Mallory St. Arnold

Mallory St. Arnold (Bird Girl) is beyond excited to be working with NextStop again. Last December, she made her professional acting debut with them in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Mallory loves making people happy through her performances. She would like to thank the Hoffmanns and Jen Lambert for giving her another opportunity to be part of the NextStop family. She would also like to thank her drama teacher, Mr. Scott Pafumi for teaching her that “There are no small parts, only small actors!”

Jon Scanlan

Jon Scanlan (Wickersham Brother) is a 6th grader from Springfield and a passionate theater and sports enthusiast. Seussical was his first foray into theater when he was cast as Horton at his elementary school’s production two years ago. Since then, he has been part of several productions, including playing Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas at NextStop Theatre and Prince Eric in Little Mermaid Jr. at his school. Jon would like to thank his family for their support and Ms. Lambert for everything she has taught him.

Lauren Skinner

Lauren Skinner (Yertle the Turtle/Jungle Creature/Circus Animal) is very happy to be a member of the Seussical cast. She started performing in school musicals at age ten and has appeared as The Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, Jr., Ursula in The Little Mermaid, Jr., and Teen Fiona in Shrek the Musical, Jr. She was also Aladdin in NextStop’s summer production of Aladdin, Jr. Lauren loves singing, playing soccer, and is teaching herself the ukulele! Lauren wants to thank everyone at NextStop for this chance to learn and gain valuable stage experience!

Maggie Slivka

Maggie Slivka (Bird Girl) is so excited to be in another show with NextStop. Previous shows include Pippi Longstocking in Pippi Longstocking at CFTC, Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, Violet in A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden. Maggie would like to thank her Mom who has always been there for her with food, a home, and a shoulder to lean on. Last but not least her Dad for always sticking by her and trying his best to understand Maggie’s odd passion.

1449003998_tmp_Abbey_WhitestoneAbbey Whitestone (Who/Fish) is so excited to be a part of Seussical! She has always wanted to do this show! Abbey began her stage career in NextStop Theatre’s A Charlie Brown Christmas. After that, she was Flounder in her school’s production of The Little Mermaid, Jr. Abbey loves being on stage and working with Ms. Lambert who has taught her so much in a short time! Abbey thanks her mom and dad for their continued support in the arts and also thanks her sister Emily for showing her the ropes.

Emily WhitestoneEmily Whitestone (Jungle Creature/Circus Animal) is thrilled to be a part of Seussical once again! It’s her favorite musical of all time and loves doing holiday theater at Next Stop. Last December, Emily played Violet in NextStop’s A Charlie Brown Christmas and is so happy to return this holiday season. This will be Emily’s 6th production with Ms. Lambert and is so grateful for all that she has learned from her. Emily thanks her mom and dad for their support, and is excited to once again be on stage with her sister Abbey!

Professional Cast
Katie McManus

Katie McManus (Sour Kangaroo/Co-Choreographer) is thrilled to return to NextStop after appearing as the Baker’s Wife in last year’s production of Into the Woods. This is Katie’s 3rd time choreographing Seussical with Ms. Lambert (we were the twins in Side Show in 2007, with Ms. Young, too). You can see Katie again in NextStop’s production of City of Angels in May 2016!

Matthew Thompson

Matthew “Moose” Thompson (Horton the Elephant) is delighted to return to the stage at NextStop, having previously been seen in Tomfoolery, The ESP Musical Experience, and as the theatre’s pre-show announcement voice. His favorite experiences on stage include being a soloist in “A Gay Man’s Guide to Broadway with Laura Benanti” at The Kennedy Center and part of the cast choir in “Disney’s Candlelight Processional” at Epcot. He sends his love to Bax, Clara, Kiera, and Zoe!

Jaclyn Young

Jaclyn Young (Gertrude McFuzz) NEXTSTOP/ESP: Love, Loss, and What I Wore, Into The Woods, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Metamorphoses. DC AREA: Visible Language (WSC-Avant Bard), Jungle Book (Imagination Stage), Urinetown, Assassins, 110 in the Shade, …Trailer Park (Kensington Arts Theatre), Legally Blonde, …Spelling Bee, Full Monty (Reston Players). NATIONAL/TOURING: Alice in Wonderland (Prairie Fire), Seussical, A Christmas Carol (Civic Theatre of Allentown)… FCPS Theatre Teacher and proud mama!


Production Team

Kyle Dannahey (Stage Manager) is beyond ecstatic to be working on Seussical! A senior at Lake Braddock, some previous credits include Hairspray (Stage Manager), Of Mice and Men (Stage Manager), A Charlie Brown Christmas (Assistant Stage Manager), Antony & Cleopatra (Cappie Nomination, Lighting Design). He is extremely grateful to have this opportunity and a massive thanks to Evan, Donna, Laura, Evie, Katie, the Cast, and his family. Extreme gratitude to Jen Lambert for this opportunity, her guidance, support, and trust.

Jack Golden (Scenic Designer) is a young theatre artist who has designed, painted, and built scenery at venues all over the country. He has designed scenery for Thelma Theatre (DC), Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre (MA), Thunder Bay Theatre (MI), Theatre B (ND), and Dakota Stage (ND). Jack held other scenic production positions with American Players Theatre (WI), Greenbrier Valley Theatre (WV), Ozark Actors Theatre (MO), and The Fargo/Moorhead Opera (ND). He holds a BFA in Theatre Arts (Design/Tech Emphasis) from North Dakota State University and would like to thank mentors Dean Bellin and Tiffany Fier. 

Jennifer Lambert (Director) is delighted to be directing such a talented group of students and professionals in one of her favorite musicals. Last year, she directed A Charlie Brown Christmas and last appeared on the NextStop stage in Into the Woods (Stepmother). Jen thanks the entire production team for collaborating all of their amazing “thinks” to make this show great. Special thank you to former students Kyle and Ben for working with her one more time before going off to college – “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

Evie Korovesis (Music Director) is thrilled to be working with NextStop on this fun-loving show! She has appeared on stage in many shows around the community. Most recently she played Gingy in Shrek the Musical (RCP) and Julia in Wedding Singer (TAP). Evie is an elementary music teacher in Fairfax County and also works at Imagination Stage in Bethesda, MD as a teaching artist. She is thrilled to be working with such a wonderful group of kids and friends. Thanks to Jen and Katie for being such a fun team to work with!!

Kristina Martin (Costume Designer) NEXTSTOP: No Spring Chicken; Kiss Me, Kate; A Man For All Seasons; The Secret Garden; Love, Loss, and What I Wore; Gutenberg!; Charlie Brown Christmas; Sylvia; Miss Electricity. DC/MD AREA: Venus in Fur; 33 Variations (Costume Designer); Baby; Ring of Fire (Wardrobe Supervisor); Passion Play (Costume Design Assistant); Dunsinane; As You Like It (Shakespeare Theatre Co.). WILLIAMSBURG AREA: Cosi fan tutte, Lucia; Illyria, Julius Caesar; Don Pasquale; Clyborne Park; The Coast of Utopia; La Cage Aux Folles; Evening of Dance; Dancing at Lughnasa; Merry Wives of Windsor.

Brian Stefaniak (Lighting Designer) is happy to be back working with the good people of NextStop, where he has been the Master Electrician for Richard III, Into the Woods, The Secret Garden, and Kiss Me, Kate, and No Spring Chicken, among others. He was also the Lighting Designer for NextStop’s production of A Charlie Brown Christmas.


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