The Reviews Are In: ‘Bad Jews’ is “brilliantly delivered” and an “entertaining fastball of comedy”

“Harmon’s writing is fluid, articulate, and pointed, and the characters, however unsympathetic, never fail to be interesting. While the script’s humor is largely based in the mean-spiritedness of its main characters, there are a lot of very funny lines that the audience appreciated. The actors, under the direction of Cristina Alicea, deserve great credit for not only maintaining the generally rapid pace of the dialogue without missing a beat but for knowing when to pause, providing occasional moments of quiet before roaring off into the next flight of acrimony. Each actor gets to make the case for his or her character, and the actors take good advantage of their opportunities to do so.”

-Bob Ashby

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“The talented cast brings forth the heat in Harmon’s writing. Especially Schulman, who portrays Daphna with megaphonic power. She charges back and forth across NextStop’s black box with a fierce air and a voice that’s as voluminous as her thick, curly hair. Schaefer plays the short-fused Liam as though steam could blast out of his ears at any minute, using smart comedic timing to execute his blistering monologues. Vinarski’s Melody is adorable and somewhat vapid, portraying the character with saccharine earnestness. And then there’s Mayes, who sports a great “oh-my-god-I-don’t-want-to-be-here” face for his rendition of Jonah. His expressions, in reaction to the more vocal characters, bring on the laughs as he looks absolutely rigid with discomfort.”

-Emily Priborkin

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