Theater to Inspire Conversation: Convergence Theatre to open Summer DarkNights Series

10414402_1759879090908066_8512295098026299277_nWhen asked why audiences should see “Guerrilla Theatre Works: At What Cost?” Hoffmann was clear: “People should come see ‘At What Cost’ because it is going to offer a powerful narrative about our society and the way we treat each other and especially immigrants in this country.

“I would like to strongly encourage people to come and see something new, different and perhaps just a little bit outside of their comfort zone. Have a new experience,” said Hoffmann.

“Those seem to be becoming increasingly rare both in our theaters and our lives!”

“Guerrilla Theatre Works” At What Cost” is not only for regular theater patrons, said Velasco. It is intended as well for “people in the local community who may not go to theater regularly.” It is a show aimed at raising social issues in a “safe place, a non-threatening venue.”

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