Review: ‘Sylvia’ at NextStop Theatre Company – DCMTA

“One cannot lavish enough praise on Sherry Berg, a rare breed of actress whose full-bodied Sylvia is such a gift it feels like the wonder of Christmas morning and, yay, we’ve all got puppies! Wilder teases out Berg’s muted eroticism — certainly not puppy love — that merits the show’s “adults-only” tag. Whether yapping “Hey!” at Kate in mounting hysteria defining her terrier-tory or making puppy eyes at an indulgent master, Berg worms her way into your heart, leaves you panting and hands-down deserves a “Best in Show” trophy. She mixes “Joisey” street smarts and high-class French poodle into a silky-smooth Bitches Brew.

But enough canine puns. NextStop’s producers have them covered. Suffice to say, Berg’s performance is so good, she makes you want to catch it again and again for each virtuoso stroke.”

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