Just back from the opening night of ‘Catch Me If You Can’ at the NextStop theatre . . . and what a delight! Kudos on kudos to Herndon High’s own Evan Hoffman for directing it. I give it my strongest rating, TEN THUMBS UP – which is substantially better, I think you’ll agree, than critics usually give. The girls . . . whoa, the girls. They were . . . did I mention the girls? They were GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS and HOT. The band was majestic. The songs were much better than I was expecting since I don’t think any of them are wll known. The father, the detective, the ensemble – all superb. But the young actor in the starring role, Frank, knocked my socks off and stole the show. Sort of like a taller, more fun version of Ferris Bueller if you can imagine that, except . . . can that boy ever act and sing! THREE EXTRA THUMBS to Matthew Hirsh for that. What are we up to now, thirteen? Easily the best musical comedy I’ve seen in several years. See it.


Thank you for an unbelievable production, with such gifted performers

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