Open Casting Call for Anniversary Production of Amour

NextStop Theatre is proud to announce auditions for this very special production to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our company’s founding. This is an open call for unpaid/volunteer roles in this community outreach production. The production is supported by a remarkable team of directors, designers, and technical personnel returning to NextStop from throughout our 30 year history.

Performances: August 3-26

Production Information:

Music by Michel Legrand
Libretto by Didier van Cauwelaert
Adapted from Le Passe-Muraille by Marcel Aymé
English adaptation by Jeremy Sams

Directed by Gloria Dugan
Choreography by Jeannie Torres
Assistant Directed by Todd Huse
Scenic Design by Jack Golden
Lighting Design by Annmarie Castrigno
Costume Design by Judy Whelihan
Sound Design by Stan Harris

In 1988, our company was founded as the Elden Street Players, with the vision of being a new kind of community theatre that focused on bold artistic choices and a higher standard of excellence. To celebrate 30 years of gathering for great live theatre in Herndon, NextStop presents this special community production event. Amour welcomes back some of our greatest artistic collaborators to mount a beautiful, unique and little known Broadway chamber musical about a lovelorn Frenchman who learns he has the ability to walk through walls.


Rehearsals for “Amour” will take place from sometime in May to early August, 2018. Not all actors will be called to all rehearsals, but until a schedule is published, please anticipate attending a majority of rehearsals.

Performances will be on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. Select Saturday matinee performances will also be included.


NextStop Theatre
269 Sunset Park Drive
Herndon VA 20170

For help finding the theatre, please visit NextStop’s Contact Page.

Audition Dates and Times:

  • Saturday, March 10, 10:00am-3:00pm
  • Monday March 12, 7:00pm-10:00pm

Auditions are BY APPOINTMENT. Actors must reserve an audition space online. Those unable to attend either audition date may e-mail: to discuss their situation, however, there are no guarantees actors with conflicts can be accommodated.

Performers should prepare 32-bars of a musical theater song. An accompanist will be provided

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your audition time to check-in.

All questions related to this production or auditions should be sent to:

Please do not call the theatre.




Rather foppish, lonely, devoted to his mother, achingly in love.  He worships Isabelle from afar and knows he can never have her, at least not as Dusoleil.  He is sweet, simple, nerdy, pessimistic but still appealing.  As Passepartout, he is heroic, selfless, optimistic, confident and finally realizes his dream.


Is young, sweet, pretty, kind, but lonely-even though she is married.  She dislikes her husband and longs for a true love, passionate and caring.  Under that guileless façade, she is fiery with longing to find someone she can truly love.  She is willing to betray her husband for true romance.


Deceitful, demanding, cunning, corrupt, dictatorial, treats women, and especially his wife, as chattel.  In addition to his corruption as a “dispenser” of the law, he is morally perverse as he enjoys his “secret fantasies” and the sting of sadism.


Works in the same office as Dusoleil. They are both somewhat of a slacker but still optimistic about life.  Also members of the chorus and appear in many scenes throughout the show.  These characters will probably be combined with others in the cast.


Claire is one of the office workers.  She is a typical office worker-does what she needs to get by, is unsatisfied with life, has feelings for Passepartout and dreams of loving him.  The whore is blunt, but accepting; brash, yet foolhardy; kind and secretly hopeful.  There is an underlying amusement in her attitudes.


This role will be combined with others.  The news vendor makes important observations on the actions in scenes and, more importantly, advances the storyline.  


The painter is a street artist, painting portraits of tourists for a living.  It is a precarious livelihood.  He accepts his lot in life and is also an observer of street life.  The Communist is a volatile organizer of Passepartout’s defense.  He is always ready to start a protest.


Madeleine is a sweet young girl who works in the office with Dusoleil.  Work is a job, nothing more.  But she still is delighted with life in general and looks forward to the day when she meets her dream man.  She reveals her feelings to Passepartout.  Sister Madeleine is a nun and stalwart defender of Passepartout. She compares him to Jesus.


These four roles will probably be combined with others.  The doctor is a drunk and is illegally practicing medicine; he is also rather amusing.  The president presides over the trial of Passepartout.  The Prison Governor/Director presides over the jail and secretly hates his job; he would rather be a singer in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The Advocate/lawyer is a knee-knocking, cowardly, fearful defender.  He has just passed the bar exam and has absolutely no experience.  He would rather be anywhere but in court defending Passepartout.


These two roles portray corrupt policemen who hassle people either for fun or for bribes.  They both have greedy wives and the policemen cheat in order to satisfy their wives.  They are observers and are in scenes throughout the show.