Meet the Cast: Robert Pike

Meet Robert Pike, who plays Barnette Lloyd in Crimes of the Heart!


1. Name & Role

My name is Robert Pike and I am playing Barnette Lloyd.

2. Where are you from?

I am from the Orlando, Florida area.

3. How long have you been acting in the DC area?

I went to The Catholic University of America and graduated in 2014. I have been acting and sound designing professionally in the DMV area since.

4. How many shows you’ve done with NextStop?

This is my first time working with NextStop Theatre!

5. Why were you interested in doing this play and this role?

The literary context of the play drew me very strongly to this opportunity. Crimes of the Heart is one of those classic 20th century pieces that has become a touchstone for modern drama. You can see the seeds of this particular strand of familial turmoil influence modern-day works like August: Osage County. Besides the script’s literary importance, the fact that we have three fully-formed female characters that all have their own agency independent of a male counter-part is exciting to watch and participate in. Fully-formed female characters such as the one’s in Crimes of the Heart are sadly not as frequent in the 20th century American cannon as one would hope.

6. What is a favorite moment of yours in the show?

My favorite moment in the production is when Lenny sings “Happy Birthday” to herself; hilarious and so depressing when you think about it. Chick’s last scene is also a total winner.

7. Tell me a story about a particularly interesting rehearsal or performance

Probably too many to mention, but I have to say the moment when the cast realized hit 90’s songs in a southern accent make great warm-ups is going to stick with me for a while.

8. What can we see you in next?

I will be performing in We Happy Few’s production of CHALK, an adaptation of Caucasian Chalk Circle using some various source texts in an original devising process. Come see it at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop in June/July 2016! For more info, check out:

Catch the final weekend of Crimes of the Heart — there are still some good seats left!

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