Meet the Cast: Anna Fagan

Meet Anna Fagan, who plays Lenny Magrath in Crimes of the Heart!

1. Name & Role

Hi, I’m Anna Fagan, and I play Lenny Magrath.

2. Where are you from?

I grew up in the very small town of Earlville, New York.

3. How long have you been acting in the DC area?

I started acting in the DC area in 2012, when I first moved here.

4. How many shows you’ve done with NextStop?

Crimes of the Heart is my first show with NextStop.

5. Why were you interested in doing this play and this role?

When I was a teenager, the local theatre company in my hometown performed Crimes of the Heart, and so many of the play’s tragically funny moments have stuck with me over the years. Henley’s script has a way of tickling your funny bone when things seem darkest. I’m very much drawn to the complexity of the relationship between the three sisters. As a middle child myself, I’m so appreciative of the sibling relationship – an enduring connection from which you can draw so much of your own strength. Interestingly, I didn’t relate much to Lenny as a teenager, but as an adult I have so much more empathy for her!

6. What is a favorite moment of yours in the show?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite moment! I have so many! I do adore the scene when Chick puts on a new pair of pantyhose right in the middle of Lenny’s kitchen. It speaks volumes about the world we’ve stepped into. Another favorite moment would be when Barnette first introduces himself to Meg and then enthusiastically lights her cigarette – it’s such a delightful moment that sparkles with energy and character.

7. Tell me a story about a particularly interesting rehearsal or performance

Well, as you may or may not know, the play takes place on Lenny’s 30th birthday, and there’s one scene that involves some birthday cake. The first time we did a full run of the show with real cake was right in the middle of tech weekend, and I think we all felt a little unhinged and exhausted after riding the play’s emotional roller coaster several times in a row. And suddenly, there was this real cake in front of us. And we could actually eat it. Blowing out thirty-one candles and tasting that cake for the first time felt like fireworks going off in my brain! We couldn’t stop giggling. It was so much fun. I’ve never been so hysterically happy to eat a piece of cake! I still feel a little crazed every time we have cake in that scene.

8. What can we see you in next?

Next up, I’ll be performing in Man of La Mancha at The Broadway Theatre of Pitman in Pitman, NJ.
It’s been such a warm and wonderful experience working with the cast and crew of NextStop’s production of Crimes of the Heart. I have so much respect for everyone involved!

Crimes of the Heart returns tonight– there are still some good seats left this weekend!

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