Meet the Cast: Matt Baughman

Meet Matt Baughman, who plays Doc Porter in Crimes of the Heart!

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1. Name & Role

Hi, I’m Matt Baughman, and I play Doc Porter.

2. Where are you from?

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and grew up in Montgomery County.

3. How long have you been acting in the DC area?

A long time, actually. My brother, Andrew Lloyd Baughman, is the Artistic Director for Landless Theatre Company in DC. So, I’ve been lucky enough to ride on his coattails for many years,

4. How many shows you’ve done with NextStop?

This is my first one! I played Charlie in “Flowers For Algernon” a few years back when Elden Street was the resident theater company.

5. Why were you interested in doing this play and this role?

Well, I love dark humor and this play has it in spades. It’s also a classic show and every time I say that I’m doing it, I’m greeted with “Oh, I love that show!”. As for my role, it’s more of a glorified cameo, but my scenes are very fun to do.

6. What is a favorite moment of yours in the show?

I have several…it’s really hard to choose a favorite. I always laugh when Lenny chases Chick out of the house with a broom and any time when Barnette displays his awkwardness, you’ll hear me chortle. I guess my favorite moments are when the three sisters are all together. They are just very natural together on stage, it’s like I’m being creepy and peering through a window into their lives.

7. Tell me a story about a particularly interesting rehearsal or performance

Well…if you’re interested in knowing what I do with all that backstage time between scenes, I’m usually in a hooded sweatshirt, lounging on the couch either scrolling through my iPhone and/or binge watching episodes of “Arrested Development”.

8. What can we see you in next?

Next up I’m doing the Prog Metal version of “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” with Landless Theatre company. Again, nepotism at its best!

It’s been truly a wonderful and rewarding experience working with NextStop. I’m hoping to do many more shows here!

Crimes of the Heart returns tonight– there are still some good seats left this weekend!

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