Fairfax Times: Deathtrap Preview

“Ira Levin’s ingeniously crafted play brings the scares and surprises coming until the final curtain,” said director Evan Hoffmann, producing artistic director of the theater. “It’s a murder-mystery thriller and we had yet to do something like this.”
One of the reasons Hoffmann wanted to run the show was to take advantage of the intimate space the Herndon-based theater offers.
“Everyone is so up close and involved in the show, so I thought it was a cool use of our space,” he said. “When you put the audience this close to the action in a murder mystery, it really becomes very immersive. It can’t be passive because people are being murdered five-feet away from them and you don’t know who the murderer might be. There’s a heightened sense of urgency and excitement.”

Read the full preview article at Fairfax Times.

Photo by Traci J. Brooks Studios.

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