DCMTA: Middletown is “great work” 

With all of our differences, the play deals with issues we all share. Middletown, USA feels like a middle-class, suburban town anywhere in the iconic center of the country.

The play reminds me of Our Town and newer plays like Almost Maine. By speaking truths to small personal interactions, it refers to bigger complications in the simple act of living. Middletown does not go deeply into issues of war, poverty, racism, or injustice, but refers to life in a generic, standardized example of middle-class Americana. Even without those weighty issues burdening the lives of these characters, there is still plenty of angst to go around. 

In a 2013 interview with Christopher Wallenberg in the Boston Globe, Eno says, “It’s hard to be a human being. It’s complicated — and complicated in ways we’ll probably never fully be able to see. I wrote this play and mean it to be a kind of testament to the difficulty of consciousness, or a picture of the complications of the simplest life.”

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