NextStop Theatre Company is very interested in presenting new works and welcomes submission of plays and musicals that are in keeping with our tradition of presenting shows that challenge our actors, directors, and designers, as well as our audiences.  We relish the opportunity to push the limits of our talents and our intimate black-box space.  Each season is designed to fully engage our audience and provide them with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of what live theater has to offer.

Rachel Spicknall, Ethan Sinnott, and Bill Fleming in NextStop's Richard III (Photo by Rebekah Purcell, VSION)

Rachel Spicknall, Ethan Sinnott, and Bill Fleming in NextStop’s Richard III (Photo by Rebekah Purcell, VSION)


All submissions must be in hard copy by mailEmail submissions will not be reviewed. 

Mail your submission to:

NextStop Theatre Company

ATTN: New Play Submission

PO Box 5006

Herndon, VA 20172

Materials cannot be returned.  DO NOT submit originals of anything!  Be sure you send us copies.


Scripts must be typed and bound (binder clips and staples are acceptable).

Submission of musicals must also be accompanied by a recording in mp3 or CD format.  A copy of the written score is welcome, but not required in an initial submission.

Submission of an adaptation must be accompanied by written proof of permission from the original source (author, novelist, screenwriter, etc.), or his/her agent or estate.  A stage adaptation of an original work that is not in the public domain and is written and or performed without having or receiving such permission is unauthorized and as such, is illegal.  We will not consider an adaptation not in the public domain for which permission has not been obtained from the original creator or his/her representative.

All submissions must be in what the author considers final, stage-ready form.  We recognize that bringing new works to the stage may require some minor adjustments, and we will work with authors in that regard.  At this time, however, we are not involved in play development; works-in-progress and/or synopses and dialogue samples will not be considered.

Due to the small size of our staff, we are only able to accept one script per season from any author and cannot consider additional submissions or resubmissions of work that has been revised.   Send us your best.

All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter containing the following information:

  • Title of Play
  • Full Name, mailing address, contact phone number, and email address of the author.
  • Statement regarding the program for which the submission is appropriate (i.e., Main Stage or NextStop Family (a description of our programs is below)
  • Brief (1 paragraph) description of the play addressing its genre (e.g., drama, musical, comedy, etc.), general plot, and primary themes.
  • Special Considerations – this should include any required elements of the show that are out of the ordinary (e.g., puppetry, tv monitors, etc.)
  • Identify any prior, in-progress, or expected productions of the play being submitted, including the name of the producing theater and dates of production.  In this regard, please note that we do not consider fully realized productions done elsewhere for performance at NextStop.  If we select your show and obtain the rights to present it, we expect to staff, cast, and produce the work as we see fit in keeping with the license agreement.  While we welcome collaboration with new artists, authors of our productions are not granted veto power in any artistic decisions.



  • Main Stage – Productions must be full-length, i.e., have an expected running time of no less than 90 minutes not including intermission.  As a general matter, we do not produce one-acts or collections of one-acts (whether thematically linked or not).  As our performance space is intimate, we generally do not produce shows requiring casts of over 20 performers, and orchestras/bands for musicals are generally limited to no more than 10 musicians.
  • NextStop Family productions should have an expected running time of approximately 60 -75 minutes, not including intermission.   Please also note that we expect our family shows to engage children and their elders!



As a company with community roots, we understand the value of personal connections and will do our utmost to respond to each submission.  Considering the expected large number of submissions and the small size of our staff and administrative budget, however, we thank you, in advance, for your patience while we process your script.  We expect to respond, via email, to every submission within 3 months of its receipt, at which point we will advise whether or not we are interested in producing your play.  We will not provide any other feedback or criticism.  If more than 3 months passes after your submission, and you have not heard from us, please check this page for updates on possible changes in our procedures based upon workload before contacting us.