NextStop Theatre Company is a professional, not-for-profit theatre company producing theatrical performances and educational programs that are uniquely ambitious, intimate, and accessible, in and for Northern Virginia’s Dulles Corridor community.



In 2019, NextStop Theatre Company has become the premier professional theatre company of the Dulles Region and a respected member of the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area theatre community. We produce high quality productions and programs that have fostered a continually expanding audience base, an ever-deepening pool of artists, and numerous awards and accolades from both critics and our colleagues. Our artistic achievements and dedication to financial stability have enabled us to expand our administrative staff, as well as provide greater financial and artistic support for emerging and established actors, directors, designers, playwrights and technicians in the area.  With each day, we are adding value to our community through theatre.




While we seek to grow and improve our organization, as well as our social and geographical reach, our commitment and ties to the Dulles Corridor will always remain a vital aspect of our mission and identity.


We believe that great theatre is best cultivated in the meaningful convergence of ideas and perspectives amongst director, actor, writer, designer, and audience. We strive to cultivate and protect an environment of collaboration within our organization, as well as seek for opportunities to work cooperatively with others.


We believe in the awesome potential that theatre has to motivate, educate, inspire, and even incite an audience.  However, we also believe that these objectives can only be realized by first engaging an audience through compelling stories and rich characters. Furthermore, we believe that the presentation of such stories and characters is a noble and worthy endeavor all its own.


We strive to produce and present a wide assortment of theatrical genres and styles. From edgy, new musicals to classic dramas; Shakespearean histories to slapstick comedies. In theatre, as in life, we believe that variety fosters a more interesting and vibrant whole, while enabling a deeper appreciation of each part.