June 1, 2020: This week we have watched as citizens across our country have risen up in protest of the abhorrent and systemic racism that led to the murder of George Floyd and so many before him. The protests decry a gross lack of humanity that should be grieved by us all, but that for too long has been dismissed or ignored by our society.

Despite any efforts and claims we have made over the years, to serve and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in our organization and our community, we must acknowledge and recognize that NextStop Theatre has been and is today a predominantly white theater company; in our staff, artists, and the stories we have chosen to tell. We must do and be better.

With deep humility, we stand in support of those who demand justice.

We acknowledge and apologize for all the ways and times we have failed to use our work and platform to reflect the full spectrum of humanity. 

We re-commit ourselves today to be better as individuals, as a company, and as stewards for our entire community.

But even these are just words. We recognize that we must and will be accountable for following them up with action. Our work lies clearly before us.

Evan Hoffmann, Producing Artistic Director

Abbie Fine, Managing Director


June 12, 2020: NextStop Theatre is committed to doing the real, challenging, and essential work of battling racism. However, we also recognize that we do not currently have all necessary voices at our table to effectively determine our path forward. We must first start by welcoming and incorporating new perspectives that can better evaluate and challenge our actions and our impact on the community.

As we begin the process of building an environment of better understanding and representation, we know that actions matter. Therefore we will take the following initial steps immediately:

  1. NextStop board and leadership will begin with meaningful introspection and self-education around EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion).
  2. NextStop commits to engaging with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) artists, patrons, and EDI professionals to guide us and illuminate our bias.
  3. NextStop will create a detailed strategic plan that embraces diversity, dismantles bias, and creates a culture of anti-racism in our organization. 
  4. NextStop will start by bringing no fewer than three new BIPOC voices onto our board in the next year.
  5. NextStop will uplift BIPOC voices as we grow our staff and leadership.
  6. NextStop is committed to working with at least 50% BIPOC artists annually.

We fully intend for this list of actions to grow and change as we engage and learn. We look forward to striving each day to build a stronger, more just, and fundamentally better organization and community.


Evan Hoffmann, Producing Artistic Director

Abigail Fine, Managing Director

The NextStop Board of Directors



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